Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hawks I Miss: First Installment

As the season is off to a start, it's good to see former Hawks playing across the league. From time to time, it's good to see where they are now and reflect on days past.

Let's throw the spotlight on former Blackhawk defenseman James Wisniewski.

Why I miss him:

His lighthearted locker room banter, especially in interviews with Sarah Spain where he would usually poke fun about Kane not being able to grow any facial hair or about Burish being a pretty boy.

His scoreboard segments, like this one:

Why it's probably good we let him go:

While he's great on my fantasy hockey team for penalty minutes, our team could probably do without hits like this from last March, causing lengthy suspensions:

Consequently, I wonder if after the game he went out for beers with the guys to catch up. Do they leave it all out on the ice as part of the game? Or is Wiz just a stone cold douchebag?

Lastly, shenanigans like this are frowned upon, though hilarious. Not really good for PR. While you may not be the brightest player on the block, you sure do up the entertainment value when you step onto the ice. Here's to you.