Friday, November 20, 2009

The only thing that's Flamin' is our power play...finally

Amazing. Happy birthday, Patrick Kane. Also, I racked up some insane fantasy points last night with VERSTEEG, Kane, and (sorry) Bourque. Also, a certain French Blackhawks goalie. I am beating my opponent who has Martin Brodeur and Ryan Miller. Who knew??

Let the circus begin!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Random Thoughts

  • Hawks win one, the first of the homestand, and against the Kings. Thank God Toews is back, and Eager, too. Toews scored and I...well, you know. Just think when we've got Hossa back, and by back I mean for the first time EVER. Jesus, the guy still has the Blackhawks Convention patch on his jersey for cryin' out loud. Burish will be great too, just before playoffs no doubt.
  • As promised, here's the standings board:
  • This is funny. Go have some laughs. Love how it mentions Pronger by name.
  • You think that's funny? BWUAAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAA!! It's nice to see some other team suffer this year with the will he/won't he play...or even come back at all.
  • Decided it's going to work out to go to Toronto again this year for New Years. I love that hockey was on everywhere, I love how Molson isn't Molson, but just Canadian, I love those cute loonies and toonies and I love the wonderful spellings:
  • Speaking of, would love to see the Leafs, but like the Cubs, they seem to sell out even though they suck. Maybe I could see an AHL or an OHL game. I'm happy wherever hockey fans congregate, be it arena or bar.