Monday, October 26, 2009

Top 5 Best Hockey Names in the 2009-10 Season

These guys have great names. They're fun to say, a few barely fit on the jersey. Enjoy!

5. Ah, Cal Clutterbuck. You are a thug, but your name is fun to say. Singing your name to the "Lollipop" song (and seeing you punch a guy during the lip pop part), or just replacing "Jitterbug" with it in the 80s Wham! classic, Wake Me Up. Not to mention your last name is a defunct anagram of clusterfuck.

4. Seriously? This guy plays hockey? Yea, Jeff Tambellini plays for the Islanders (poor guy) and scored two goals tonight (take THAT John Tavares!). Not many Italian names in hockey, eh? Though he is Canadian, not Italian by birth.

3. Even more rare than the Italian hockey name is the Greek hockey name. NOBODY DIRESPECTS TOM KOSTOPOULOS!

2. Alexei Ponikarovsky. One of the fun Russian names. I love how it barely fits on the jersey.

1. And the best name: our own Dustin Byfuglien. I think this pretty much sums it up.

Honorable Mention: PATRICK O'SULLIVAN!! I don't think this guys name could be any more Irish. I tried to find a pic of him fighting, but to no avail. Maybe he'll bring a bit of luck O' the (Canadian) Irish to the Oilers.

Well, that was fun. Blackhawks 3rd period is up and it's 2-0 Hawks! I don't miss Havlat.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Standings board complete...and a thing of beauty.

As reported in an earlier blog, I have completed the rest of the teams for the NHL standings board. Most of them came out alright. So here they are:

And the greatest of them all:

It was a fun project. A picture of the entire standings board coming soon.

SHUTOUT HUET! Seriously!

I know it was against Nashville, but Huet got a shutout! He made 27 saves. Is this the beginning of a wonderful thing? Maybe a little competition for the top spot between Huet and Niemi isn't such a terrible thing for the Hawks. Either way, this will help his confidence.

Now all we need is for Toews and Seabrook to get healthy. And Eager. And Burish. Oh, yea, and that Hossa guy.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ok, it's been awhile

Sorry, but due to my laptop going to the Blue Screen of Death as a result of the latest windows updates (thanks, Microsoft!), I've been out awhile on IR. But I'm back, and will be posting soon with reflections and updates on the Hawks as well as pics of my now completed NHL standings board!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hawks vs. Preds

  • This should have been easy, but it's 2-1 Hawks in the 3rd. Of course, we did just play last night at home, maybe they're tired?
  • Huet looks good in goal, which can only boost his confidence as well as the team's confidence in him.
  • Nashville's goal song: doesn't work for hockey, even if it is in Nashville. You can keep Tim McGraw.
  • What's with all the Irish sounding names on the Preds? Sullivan, O'Reilly...sounds like a boxing match. Maybe a fight late in the third?
  • DUNCAN KEITH!! SCORE!!!! 3-1!
  • Kane and Buff are wicked wonderful together. Their chemistry has been awesome.
  • Thinking of making a disc of songs to listen to on game days. Of course Chelsea Dagger, but what else?
  • That comeback was amazing against Calgary. I wish I had a chance to blog about that when it happened. I was off the couch in front of my television. They do make me feel like I'm going to have a heart attack sometimes though.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


We won! 4-0 with Niemi in the net. GO HAWKS!! I didn't get to watch it, but just listening to the radio feed, it sounds like Seabrook is in it to win it. There were multiple checks from him, and Buff and Kane are really clicking!

I am excited, and ready for hockey Thursday.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Opening Day

Crack open a Molsen, friends. Hockey is back.

Even though only my husband and a guy from work appreciates it. It is the BEST game EVER. Cheers and GO HAWKS!

Helsinki TOMORROW!!!