Monday, September 28, 2009

Love for hockey meets love for art

I've decided to make an NHL standings board similar to the MLB one I made for Matt. Except this one is for ME! I just started Saturday. After picking up a copy of ESPN the Magazine, I headed to...wait, what? You haven't seen it??? Lookie:

I love the look on Tazer's face. It's like the cameraman said he didn't care about the game of hockey.

Moving on, after I procured the mag, I went to Hobby Lobby and got some wooden nickels and a magnetic dry erase board. Step one? Painting all the background colors:
Dolce the cat likes to help by playing with the pencil. Check out the ONE piece that's orange. Damn Flyers. Although there's only two that have are maroon - the Avs and the Wild.

Step Two: Sketch on the design with the pencil after prying said pencil away from the cat. I don't have a pic of this yet, but will be sure to take a few.

Step Three: Paint. Here are the three I've done so far:
I started with the blues because, well, it's the Blues, and who cares if I make a mistake. No pressure there. Proud that I got the gold in the Ducks logo right with even a bit of sparkle (just a little, don't want to "gay it up" for Wisneiwski). Pretty damn happy about the Colorado logo. Didn't think I could pull that one off.

More to come. Think I'll paint the best logo in all of sports tonight. I think we all know which one that is.

Finally, some wins!

A home win against the Wild bolstered the Hawks into their trip to Zurich. And so the fun begins with the team bonding:
  • We learn that Klinkhammer and Versteeg were good buddies from Alberta growing up. Awwwww.
  • Find out who the guys don't want to sit next to on the 8 hour plane ride. I'm missing Burish.
  • Thanks to Sharpie who helps out with team morale in Burish's absence. Check out this video, in which we learn he missed the team bus, and we see that Seabs can't tie a tie.

More fun tomorrow at 1:15 Central as they face ZSC. Maybe we can score as much as we did today. 9

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Damn it.

Just lost 6-2 to the Caps. No wins so far in the preseason. Maybe Friday we can stick it to the Wild.

My pride hurts and the season hasn't even started yet.

Come on, hockey gods.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Minnesota is a Dangerous Place

So, our enforcer Mr. Burish is out for six months due to an injury incurred during a preseason game versus the Wild. My guess is that teammate Jack Skille will be stepping it up to replace him for the time being.
Fun fact! They're both from the Wisconsin team that won in 2006 and were teammates there.

Maybe Burish can go back to writing entertaining blogs for the Chicago Sun-Times or hanging out with Sarah Spain.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wow. Just wow.

Recently I came across a few pics taken in a photoshoot for USA hockey last week. Patrick Kane does not look happy.

Pat, I take it back, man! I didn't mean any disrespect! You looked great out on the ice Saturday, just a little rusty. Please don't stab me. You're great! YOU'RE THE DUKE OF NEW YORK! YOU'RE A NUMBER ONE!!

Who thought this was a good idea? Actually, it's hilarious and therefore a win.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random Thoughts on the First Preseason Game

It was nice to finally see some hockey again, even if it is preseason and it's not on the books. A few thoughts from last night's overtime loss.
  • Kane, please look a little more like you are trying to bust your ass to win. That means not passing the puck to the Caps, and working on your ability to move the puck down the ice. I understand the Washington defense is tough, so I'll forgive your failed dekes. However, do keep in mind that was mostly the new guys out there on the ice for Washington, so, yeah.
  • Soupy! When no one is around you and you are passed the puck, you have to make sure you don't screw that up! Had a few preseason jitters last night. I'm sure that'll pass, right?
  • Buff is lookin' good this year! Also, that goal by Skillie was great. I think he will be a great player this year.
  • Huet did have a few great saves and I think he will improve as he season continues.
  • Looking around last night, I was reminded of seeing a Hawks/Leafs game in 2006 at the UC. The arena was half-full. There weren't very many empty seats last night and it was a PRESEASON GAME! In fact, we set a league record for preseason game attendance. It's obvious Chicago is ready for hockey again and another shot at the cup!
  • So walking back to the hotel some jackass yells to us out of his car window "GO PENGUINS!" I immediately ran to his car and beat him with a crowbar. Ok, not really, but I really REALLY wanted to.
  • The preseason overtime was a 4 on 4. This is new. After some research, it seems NHL wants to avoid marathon overtimes a la the Detroit/Anaheim playoff game last year. So, the thought is a 4 on 4 for the SECOND overtime. I guess they're just trying it out in any preseason overtime.
  • Vince Vaughn was at the game last night. It's nice to see celebs show love for the Hawks.
  • Jeremy Roenick was also there. Needless to say, he got a much bigger reaction from the crowd than Vince did when they flashed his mug on the jumbotron.
Headed to a Sox game this afternoon, then going to try to follow the Hawks/Wild game this evening. Hawks vs. Havlat sounds like fun if they play him.

Dunkin' Donuts is calling.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hockey time is here again!!

Some thoughts this evening as I'm watching the Colbert Report:
  • Preseason Hawks hockey starts Saturday and I will be there in the 300 level to cheer them on.
  • I'm wearing a Blackhawks shirt tomorrow. The one I found on clearance which was one of the 10 hockey-related items in Cardboard Heroes in the mall. Let's see how many students think I am a Redskins fan.
  • Oliver's Merlot from Southern Indiana is outstanding.
  • I was in Chicago (again) last weekend and actually saw a few people wearing Blackhawks gear. This is a first in all of my trips to Chicago. That's maybe 7 trips? Go Hawks!
  • Training camp is showing some awesome stuff from our new guys.
  • Hmm, should I wear the red Blackhawks jersey or the black Kane Blackhawks jersey? I love you, Patrick Kane, but I'm thinking red.
  • I'm with Kanye. Taylor Swift can't sing. However, who the hell cares about the VMAs?
  • I have the best husband ever. He makes me laugh. That's the key to a girl's heart.
  • Hockey is the greatest sport ever known to man.