Thursday, December 31, 2009

Awwwwwww, this makes me a little sad

This video is mostly adorable, but somewhat sad the way the smile fades from Burish's face so quickly, like, "hahahhaha, aww, I miss hockey." Also, hilarious that Toews doesn't sing at all and Kane is great at it. Who says he has no heart?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jolly Old Guelph

Heading to an OHL game today in Guelph to see the Storm vs. the Knights. I am so excited about seeing the Knights, so many great hockey players have come from this program, including Rick Nash, John Taveres, and our very own Patrick Kane. I'm all about rooting for the home team when I visit places, but I really like the Knights.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Greetings from Hockeyland

I love that in Canada (well, at least Toronto), I can go in any bar and there is hockey on. Glad last night was a scoring frenzy for the boys, and I'm hoping Kris Versteeg gets well soon. Might go see an AHL game in Guelph on Tuesday, the tickets to the Boxing Day matchup between the Leafs and the Canadiens were untouchable, and I've got to get my hockey fix.

Oh yea! My husband gave me Blackhawks tickets for Christmas to go see them in Columbus in January. Best husband ever!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spank the wangs

If we play with as much intensity tonight as we did against the Sharks last night, we got it. The Wings are deep, but they're not that deep. They've got some top players out and we can whip them again in the Joe.

I'll be cheering them on at R Place downing a pitcher and eating some 35-cent wings. Or is that bad luck?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Carol

O Holy Crap
The Blackhawks stars are shining
Oh, that's right.
We're the best team on the Earth.

Long have the fans
been waiting and been pining,
Hossa, Kane, Toews
What's our cap space worth?

A Huet save,
the 300 level rejoices
A Versteeg steal
And a glorious breakaway.

At the UC,
we applaud all through the Anthem,
Alright, third beer, I'm feelin' fine.

ALRIGHT! We're playoffs bound.

Merry Christmas guys.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Yea, yea, yea

I know. I suck at blogging. Maybe I'll quit my teaching job to blog full time.

  • Did you see Marian Hossa drop it like it's hot against the Bolts?!
  • Kane hit his head on the ice, but better be ready because I'm coming to Chicago for Wednesday against the Blues AND Friday against the Bruins, and I want to see him. Naked. Ok, sorry.
  • Holy crap, when Burish comes back our team is going to be SICK.
  • Fuck you, Redwings.
  • I want you to know that I was the single Blackhawks fan, and since three short years ago, I have converted my husband, his cousin, and our good friend. Blackhawks hockey is slowly taking over Louisville.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The only thing that's Flamin' is our power play...finally

Amazing. Happy birthday, Patrick Kane. Also, I racked up some insane fantasy points last night with VERSTEEG, Kane, and (sorry) Bourque. Also, a certain French Blackhawks goalie. I am beating my opponent who has Martin Brodeur and Ryan Miller. Who knew??

Let the circus begin!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Random Thoughts

  • Hawks win one, the first of the homestand, and against the Kings. Thank God Toews is back, and Eager, too. Toews scored and I...well, you know. Just think when we've got Hossa back, and by back I mean for the first time EVER. Jesus, the guy still has the Blackhawks Convention patch on his jersey for cryin' out loud. Burish will be great too, just before playoffs no doubt.
  • As promised, here's the standings board:
  • This is funny. Go have some laughs. Love how it mentions Pronger by name.
  • You think that's funny? BWUAAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAA!! It's nice to see some other team suffer this year with the will he/won't he play...or even come back at all.
  • Decided it's going to work out to go to Toronto again this year for New Years. I love that hockey was on everywhere, I love how Molson isn't Molson, but just Canadian, I love those cute loonies and toonies and I love the wonderful spellings:
  • Speaking of, would love to see the Leafs, but like the Cubs, they seem to sell out even though they suck. Maybe I could see an AHL or an OHL game. I'm happy wherever hockey fans congregate, be it arena or bar.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Top 5 Best Hockey Names in the 2009-10 Season

These guys have great names. They're fun to say, a few barely fit on the jersey. Enjoy!

5. Ah, Cal Clutterbuck. You are a thug, but your name is fun to say. Singing your name to the "Lollipop" song (and seeing you punch a guy during the lip pop part), or just replacing "Jitterbug" with it in the 80s Wham! classic, Wake Me Up. Not to mention your last name is a defunct anagram of clusterfuck.

4. Seriously? This guy plays hockey? Yea, Jeff Tambellini plays for the Islanders (poor guy) and scored two goals tonight (take THAT John Tavares!). Not many Italian names in hockey, eh? Though he is Canadian, not Italian by birth.

3. Even more rare than the Italian hockey name is the Greek hockey name. NOBODY DIRESPECTS TOM KOSTOPOULOS!

2. Alexei Ponikarovsky. One of the fun Russian names. I love how it barely fits on the jersey.

1. And the best name: our own Dustin Byfuglien. I think this pretty much sums it up.

Honorable Mention: PATRICK O'SULLIVAN!! I don't think this guys name could be any more Irish. I tried to find a pic of him fighting, but to no avail. Maybe he'll bring a bit of luck O' the (Canadian) Irish to the Oilers.

Well, that was fun. Blackhawks 3rd period is up and it's 2-0 Hawks! I don't miss Havlat.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Standings board complete...and a thing of beauty.

As reported in an earlier blog, I have completed the rest of the teams for the NHL standings board. Most of them came out alright. So here they are:

And the greatest of them all:

It was a fun project. A picture of the entire standings board coming soon.

SHUTOUT HUET! Seriously!

I know it was against Nashville, but Huet got a shutout! He made 27 saves. Is this the beginning of a wonderful thing? Maybe a little competition for the top spot between Huet and Niemi isn't such a terrible thing for the Hawks. Either way, this will help his confidence.

Now all we need is for Toews and Seabrook to get healthy. And Eager. And Burish. Oh, yea, and that Hossa guy.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ok, it's been awhile

Sorry, but due to my laptop going to the Blue Screen of Death as a result of the latest windows updates (thanks, Microsoft!), I've been out awhile on IR. But I'm back, and will be posting soon with reflections and updates on the Hawks as well as pics of my now completed NHL standings board!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hawks vs. Preds

  • This should have been easy, but it's 2-1 Hawks in the 3rd. Of course, we did just play last night at home, maybe they're tired?
  • Huet looks good in goal, which can only boost his confidence as well as the team's confidence in him.
  • Nashville's goal song: doesn't work for hockey, even if it is in Nashville. You can keep Tim McGraw.
  • What's with all the Irish sounding names on the Preds? Sullivan, O'Reilly...sounds like a boxing match. Maybe a fight late in the third?
  • DUNCAN KEITH!! SCORE!!!! 3-1!
  • Kane and Buff are wicked wonderful together. Their chemistry has been awesome.
  • Thinking of making a disc of songs to listen to on game days. Of course Chelsea Dagger, but what else?
  • That comeback was amazing against Calgary. I wish I had a chance to blog about that when it happened. I was off the couch in front of my television. They do make me feel like I'm going to have a heart attack sometimes though.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


We won! 4-0 with Niemi in the net. GO HAWKS!! I didn't get to watch it, but just listening to the radio feed, it sounds like Seabrook is in it to win it. There were multiple checks from him, and Buff and Kane are really clicking!

I am excited, and ready for hockey Thursday.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Opening Day

Crack open a Molsen, friends. Hockey is back.

Even though only my husband and a guy from work appreciates it. It is the BEST game EVER. Cheers and GO HAWKS!

Helsinki TOMORROW!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Love for hockey meets love for art

I've decided to make an NHL standings board similar to the MLB one I made for Matt. Except this one is for ME! I just started Saturday. After picking up a copy of ESPN the Magazine, I headed to...wait, what? You haven't seen it??? Lookie:

I love the look on Tazer's face. It's like the cameraman said he didn't care about the game of hockey.

Moving on, after I procured the mag, I went to Hobby Lobby and got some wooden nickels and a magnetic dry erase board. Step one? Painting all the background colors:
Dolce the cat likes to help by playing with the pencil. Check out the ONE piece that's orange. Damn Flyers. Although there's only two that have are maroon - the Avs and the Wild.

Step Two: Sketch on the design with the pencil after prying said pencil away from the cat. I don't have a pic of this yet, but will be sure to take a few.

Step Three: Paint. Here are the three I've done so far:
I started with the blues because, well, it's the Blues, and who cares if I make a mistake. No pressure there. Proud that I got the gold in the Ducks logo right with even a bit of sparkle (just a little, don't want to "gay it up" for Wisneiwski). Pretty damn happy about the Colorado logo. Didn't think I could pull that one off.

More to come. Think I'll paint the best logo in all of sports tonight. I think we all know which one that is.

Finally, some wins!

A home win against the Wild bolstered the Hawks into their trip to Zurich. And so the fun begins with the team bonding:
  • We learn that Klinkhammer and Versteeg were good buddies from Alberta growing up. Awwwww.
  • Find out who the guys don't want to sit next to on the 8 hour plane ride. I'm missing Burish.
  • Thanks to Sharpie who helps out with team morale in Burish's absence. Check out this video, in which we learn he missed the team bus, and we see that Seabs can't tie a tie.

More fun tomorrow at 1:15 Central as they face ZSC. Maybe we can score as much as we did today. 9

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Damn it.

Just lost 6-2 to the Caps. No wins so far in the preseason. Maybe Friday we can stick it to the Wild.

My pride hurts and the season hasn't even started yet.

Come on, hockey gods.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Minnesota is a Dangerous Place

So, our enforcer Mr. Burish is out for six months due to an injury incurred during a preseason game versus the Wild. My guess is that teammate Jack Skille will be stepping it up to replace him for the time being.
Fun fact! They're both from the Wisconsin team that won in 2006 and were teammates there.

Maybe Burish can go back to writing entertaining blogs for the Chicago Sun-Times or hanging out with Sarah Spain.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wow. Just wow.

Recently I came across a few pics taken in a photoshoot for USA hockey last week. Patrick Kane does not look happy.

Pat, I take it back, man! I didn't mean any disrespect! You looked great out on the ice Saturday, just a little rusty. Please don't stab me. You're great! YOU'RE THE DUKE OF NEW YORK! YOU'RE A NUMBER ONE!!

Who thought this was a good idea? Actually, it's hilarious and therefore a win.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random Thoughts on the First Preseason Game

It was nice to finally see some hockey again, even if it is preseason and it's not on the books. A few thoughts from last night's overtime loss.
  • Kane, please look a little more like you are trying to bust your ass to win. That means not passing the puck to the Caps, and working on your ability to move the puck down the ice. I understand the Washington defense is tough, so I'll forgive your failed dekes. However, do keep in mind that was mostly the new guys out there on the ice for Washington, so, yeah.
  • Soupy! When no one is around you and you are passed the puck, you have to make sure you don't screw that up! Had a few preseason jitters last night. I'm sure that'll pass, right?
  • Buff is lookin' good this year! Also, that goal by Skillie was great. I think he will be a great player this year.
  • Huet did have a few great saves and I think he will improve as he season continues.
  • Looking around last night, I was reminded of seeing a Hawks/Leafs game in 2006 at the UC. The arena was half-full. There weren't very many empty seats last night and it was a PRESEASON GAME! In fact, we set a league record for preseason game attendance. It's obvious Chicago is ready for hockey again and another shot at the cup!
  • So walking back to the hotel some jackass yells to us out of his car window "GO PENGUINS!" I immediately ran to his car and beat him with a crowbar. Ok, not really, but I really REALLY wanted to.
  • The preseason overtime was a 4 on 4. This is new. After some research, it seems NHL wants to avoid marathon overtimes a la the Detroit/Anaheim playoff game last year. So, the thought is a 4 on 4 for the SECOND overtime. I guess they're just trying it out in any preseason overtime.
  • Vince Vaughn was at the game last night. It's nice to see celebs show love for the Hawks.
  • Jeremy Roenick was also there. Needless to say, he got a much bigger reaction from the crowd than Vince did when they flashed his mug on the jumbotron.
Headed to a Sox game this afternoon, then going to try to follow the Hawks/Wild game this evening. Hawks vs. Havlat sounds like fun if they play him.

Dunkin' Donuts is calling.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hockey time is here again!!

Some thoughts this evening as I'm watching the Colbert Report:
  • Preseason Hawks hockey starts Saturday and I will be there in the 300 level to cheer them on.
  • I'm wearing a Blackhawks shirt tomorrow. The one I found on clearance which was one of the 10 hockey-related items in Cardboard Heroes in the mall. Let's see how many students think I am a Redskins fan.
  • Oliver's Merlot from Southern Indiana is outstanding.
  • I was in Chicago (again) last weekend and actually saw a few people wearing Blackhawks gear. This is a first in all of my trips to Chicago. That's maybe 7 trips? Go Hawks!
  • Training camp is showing some awesome stuff from our new guys.
  • Hmm, should I wear the red Blackhawks jersey or the black Kane Blackhawks jersey? I love you, Patrick Kane, but I'm thinking red.
  • I'm with Kanye. Taylor Swift can't sing. However, who the hell cares about the VMAs?
  • I have the best husband ever. He makes me laugh. That's the key to a girl's heart.
  • Hockey is the greatest sport ever known to man.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Seriously, I love Chicago

I love it so much, that I'm going for two weekends in a row! That's right, I forgot the U2 concert is the 13th of September, not the 20th. So since we got preseason tickets and bought our hotel through Hotwire (which allows no changes WHATSOEVER) for the 19th and 20th, we'll be heading to the Windy City twice. I'm a doofus.

That's alright, because I otherwise may have not gotten to go to the first home preseason game, and I can finally enjoy Navy Pier when it's not freezing or blistering outside. Huzzah! Not to mention we'll be in town when the Hawks are away at Minnesota and can maybe catch a game on TV somewhere with other Hawks fans. Now I have to find out if they televise the preseason games in Chicago. Come on Comcast!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Okay, I officially bought my preseason tix today for the first game against the Caps. I just so happen to be in Chicago on Sunday for the U2 concert, so why not just stay a night before and see the Hawks? Like I need an excuse. I fucking love Chicago. Favorite city EVER.

Besides Louisville, of course.

I think this season will be even better than last. Sure, there's been some off-season, erm...."tension"? Hasta la vista, Havlat. Hello, Hossa. Kane got booked in Buffalo and Khabi said До свидания! (That's "goodbye," not "Go fuck yourself!") Onward and upward. Toews leads the way. We could almost taste the cup last year. This is our year.

Detroit sucks!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear Patrick Kane

What a weekend! I had a blast Saturday night dancing my drunken ass off in a Louisville club, and who knew all the while you were probably feeling the same in Buffalo? I left the bar in the wee hours and even decided to hit up Jimmy John's for some food after we left. Great fun. (But we had a designated driver, and didn't take a cab, so we couldn't have had the kind of fun you were having.) Isn't it fun to just have a good time with friends in your hometown?

I was celebrating my 30th birthday in the early early morning on August 9th. You were celebrating...? Well, there's lots for you to celebrate, but not a birthday yet. That's not until November. Hey, you'll be 21! That will be awesome for you to go out on the town and drink and...oh wait, you've been maybe doing that since signing with the Hawks and winning the Calder? Well, boys will be boys.

Hey, guess what my husband gave to me for my birthday before we went out that night? A Blackhawks purse with your name and number on it, and a big flag to hang up in the classroom I teach in with your name and picture on it. I was so excited I jumped up and down. Another friend also gave me a puck signed by Bobby Hull. What a great player. The Golden Jet. I wonder what your nickname might be after you get out of your awkward early years and get some bulk? Oooh, I hope it's good. I hope it's not Hurrikane, as I hear your dislike for that song.

The truth is, Pat, I like you. You have a lot of potential, you're a great player when you're on, and you seem to have a real love for the game. I'm not going to burn all of my Kane stuff. I'm not even going to change my pic because I'm wearing your jersey. We all fuck up. And I don't believe all the details of the incident anyway. People do stupid things when they're drunk. Not saying you were drunk, sorry. Your mugshot is awesome by the way. Feeling a little cocky, were we? You look good in black and white.
I think this off-season has enough craziness in it for the Hawks, don't you?

Okay, sarcastic lecture over. Get to the gym, get ready for the season. You're still my favorite current Hawk, but let's never speak of this again. I'll find a spot in my room to hang the Kane flag tomorrow. Keep your ass out of trouble and maybe we'll get to see another picture of you that looks more like this:
Bobby Hull looks good in black and white, too.

P.S.- Tazer called, he said he wants to have some words with you.